e-commerce - Whitstable - Herne Bay - Canterbury - Thanet

We have considerable experience in building on-line e-commerce websites. We hold an Actinic Developers Licence, although our preference is to customise some open source software - Zen Cart. We offer varying levels of e-commerce store development to fit with different budgets. The levels range from designing and building the shop front and adding a handful of products with product details and images provided by the client - through to photographing products and adding complete inventories.

Opening an e-commerce store is of course only the first stage in what should be viewed at a minimum, as a 6 - 12 month exercise to market the store and build a customer base. Being realistic, it will take this length of time to obtain a reasonable Search Engine ranking and quite a lot of continuous development on the site in order to achieve this. We have just launched our Search Engine Optimisation service - a subject on which we have considerable knowledge.

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